Change to All Night Grad

The location for the All Night Graduation Party (ANG) has changed from the City Museum to the Lodge at Des Peres.

The change in location occurred after the City Museum announced that it is no longer hosting any All Night Graduation parties. Since the City Museum is a popular destination among students, many were upset.

“It’s kind of like my hopes have been crushed…” Kait Bonsignore (12) said. “It’s a big downgrade.”

However by hosting All Night Grad at the Lodge, more money can be geared towards the students.

“Hosting at the Lodge Des Peres offers us more value for the amount we are renting it for,” ANG coordinator Kim Brady said. “Allowing us to spend more on entertainment and goodie bags for the students.”

But despite all the change, many people are still looking forward to All Night Grad.

“I’m really not that upset about (the change). We can’t change it, it’s not our fault…” Megan Simorka (12) said. “I think it’ll be fun. We’ll be with our whole class. Wherever we’re at it’ll be fun.”