Anonymous OHS instagram account spreads kindness

One act. One word. One smile. One shining moment of happiness, can make a big difference in someone’s life. Words that one instagram account takes to heart.

Ohs_kindness is an anonymous Instagram account which aims to spread positivity by letting OHS students anonymously post kind messages about fellow students.

“My mission is to spread positivity and kindness throughout our school to make Oakville a happier place,” the first post of the account states.

The founder wanted to help people but states that they are “very shy” and wanted to help people without too much attention. Since students at other schools have created anonymous accounts, they decided to do the same at OHS.

“A lot of people have really nice things to say about others,” the founder, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. ”But they don’t want to say it to their face, so I thought this was a good way to make people happy!”

Over 3o people have been featured on the account. Many of whom are grateful for the small act of kindness.

“It’s really nice that someone made something like that to give someone something positive,” Connor Jones (10), who was featured on the account, said. “It definitely made my day and I feel like it would for a lot of other people so I feel like it’s a good thing.”

But the goal goes past just affecting one student. The founder hopes to change the world.

“Making people happy makes me happy. I love seeing someone with a smile on their face,” the founder said. “Whenever people are happy, I think that it can run off on the people around them and just make an overall positive environment.”