Entrepreneurship classes get down to business with hands-on experience


Katie Counts

Collin Neff (12) shows off the cash case and Tiger Tumblers being sold by Mrs. Amelia Darby’s Entrepreneurship classes.

Some say the key to a successful business is hard work before play, but Mrs. Amelia Darby’s Entrepreneurship classes say that success comes from hard work and play.

Every year Entrepreneurship classes come up with their own product that they advertise and sell in order to get hands-on business experience.The 5th block class sold “Cash Cases” for $5 which were small adhesive wallets people could place on that back of their phones. Meanwhile, 8th block sold water bottles coined “Tiger Tumblers” for $10.

Just like an actual business, the classes were separated into teams that focused on leadership, financing, supply chain, sales, and marketing. They worked on product design, price setting, sales tracking, and even got to manage their own marketing campaigns.

“The marketing group came up with the #savebrad campaign,” class president of 8th block Jeanna Picha (12) said. “We played off the storyline that Brad Hartmann (11) hurt his back while trying to get a drink from the drinking fountain and thus needed a Tiger Tumbler.”

The 8th block class used this storyline to create their own Instagram featuring images of Hartmann and Tiger Tumblers. As well, both block filmed their own commercials using green screens.

“A lot of the class is just sitting in class working the numbers and coming up with plans so it was nice to get out and have some fun,” class president of 5th block Collin Neff (12) said.

As of Nov. 7, 5th block had sold around 160 cash cases and 8th block had sold around 120 Tiger Tumblers. As well, each student gained commission from the products. But the classes gained more than just income, they gained insight.

“I think hardwork is just as important as having fun with what you’re doing because fun creates passion,” Picha said. “If you hate what you’re doing, you won’t have any passion for it and it will be much harder to succeed.”

There are still cash cases and tumblers available. Contact Mrs. Amelia Darby in Room 106 or any Entrepreneurship student if you’re interested.