Introducing Darby O’Donnell

Student teacher shares love of art


Deirdre Davis

Darby O’Donnell poses for a photo at her desk. “Y’all are great. I really like being here every day,” O’Donnell said. She attends Webster University and graduates this semester.

Oakville has introduced a variety of new staff, but OHS also hosts student teachers, like Darby O’Donnell, who are learning at our school. 

“In kindergarten, I said that I wanted to teach…” O’Donnell said. “I switched back to it in high school because I got to thinking I loved art and that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

O’Donnell is an art student teacher that teaches 2D Art Foundations, Drawing I, Drawing II, AP Art and AP Art Exploration for art teacher Brian Crawford. She has dedicated herself to her childhood dream and feels she puts the students’ best interests in mind. 

“When she came, I could feel a different energy in the classroom and how students act different when they’re doing their assignments,” Ilma Selimovic (12) said. “They don’t see it like assignments. They’re enjoying their time.”

The healthy classroom atmosphere tries to create in the classroom could only happen because of O’Donnell’s years spent at Meramec Community College and now Webster University. 

“I am double majoring in education with an emphasis in Art K-12,” O’Donnell said, “and my other major is a Bachelor in Studio Art.” 

Her time at OHS has exposed her to many new lessons in the classroom, along with experiences that will build up her teaching career. 

“I feel like every student is different,” O’Donnell said, “and so making sure every student is reaching their potential and skill level is something I’m working on…”

This semester marks the last before O’Donnell’s graduation, and her admiration for teaching and art led her to become a fourth-generation artist in her family. She has always favored the arts and its ability to pave a path of freedom and expression. From here, O’Donnell hopes to continue to grow and thrive in her profession.

“…There’s always room for improvement for everyone,” O’Donnell said, “so as I’m going through my own career, I am working on that as well.”