March Into Math

Math department, library team up to promote math

March into Math is a new school event created for math, donut, or even carnival lovers that lasts all of March. 

“It was Mr.Souris’ idea to do the March Into Math, like a whole month, and to do one activity a week,” librarian Jessica Betz said. 

Ms.Betz proposed to have events from every subject collaborate with the library, and math teacher Mr.Souris was thinking the same thing. They came together in September to start planning and created March into Math. The first event of the month has started and ended, and the results are in. 

“[Waltenberger] went and counted and saw who got all of them…” Betz said, “and they announced on the announcements who the winner was.”

The first math event, which went from the first to the eighth of the month, consisted of finding numbers scattered around the walls of the school and sending them in through a QR code in the library. Don’t think you’ve missed your chance, because March 9 started a new event to find shapes scattered around the school on papers that say March into Math. Solve the simple math question on the paper and you can turn in your answers to the QR code in the library and win a pizza delivered to you by your math teacher of choice. While this event ends on March 16, you still have the chance to win a donut party with the brackets given to every ANP.

“We have an ANP challenge where each ANP, if they want to, fill out a bracket for the NCAA tournament for the mens and the womens…” Souris said, “At the end of the tournament, we’ll see which ANP wins and they’ll win a donut party.”

If an ANP correctly guesses the winner of the NCAA tournament, the whole class is gifted a donut party thanks to March into Math. Another prize given out for the first event was pieing your math teacher of choice on Pi Day, March 14. The hard-working winner of that event is Matt Nowak, who decided to pie math teacher Ronda Brown in the face. Though, after all the week-long events take place, March 30 and 31 introduces the Math Carnival.

“Mr.Souris’ classes are planning that, and I just sent out invites to the math department,” Betz said. 

The finale for March into Math is a carnival that goes on during students’ math classes, and math students will receive tokens for games where they can win even more tokens. A whole class is dedicated to the last event for March into Math, but Souris and Betz dedicated months of time to promoting math outside of the classroom.

“I think that math is not loved by a lot of people because it’s a totally different way of thinking. You can even argue it’s a whole different language…” Betz said. “[We’re] just trying to make it more fun.”