Tis The Season For Competitive Corn Hole

OHS hosts first Corn Hole Tournament


Bella Moss

Jester Earp (9) takes part in the Corn Hole Tournament. “I was sobbing, crying. I lost…” Earp said. The tournament took the entirety of ANP on Thursday, Dec. 15.

This school year introduced OHS’s first Corn Hole Tournament on Dec. 15, put together by Sports and Entertainment Marketing, AMPED and FCCLA. 

“We approached the students in Sports and Entertainment Marketing and said, ‘What do you think?’ and they said, ‘Let’s do this’,” AMPED teacher Suzy Mueller said.

The corn hole boards were built by the Geometry and Construction classes, and these same boards will be designed and sold by AMPED. To get these boards to sell, the tournament was put together to bring interest to the beanbag-based game. The event took place during ANP in Gym B. The students are responsible for a sizable amount of the work put into this tournament, but especially the Sports and Entertainment Marketing class who organized, planned and ran the event. The tournament largely contributed to supplying pet items for the Presents for Paws charity going on at the same time.

“Ms. Daughaday does Presents for Paws every December, and so we decided that to help get her extra donations that we would team up together and kind of combine our events,” Mueller said.

FACS teacher Jamie Daughaday organizes this charity event and collects a variety of pet toys, treats, bedding and more. To be a part of the corn hole tournament, a donation to Presents for Paws was required. Luckily, many people were able to comply. 

“Me and Ethan, we were just sitting there and then we both read the Corn Hole (tournament) email at the same time. We were like, ‘Why not?’,” Carter Oetting (9) said. 

A number of students joined the tournament just to have a good time, but Chase Forbus (10) and Lucas Sorich (10) played to win this year and received the Corn Hole Champ awards after getting first place in this year’s tournament. Not many people were confident that they would win, but playing a simple interactive game with friends is what really mattered. 

Photo by Bella Moss

“When I heard about the game, I was very interested,” Ethan Chapman (12) said. “Cornhole has always been a fun game.”

Plenty of people are familiar with the game because they’ve been playing it for years, but some people weren’t as fluent. The rules and point system were explained by either teammates or event organizers so the game was fun for everyone. 

“It’s during ANP. It’s during the school day. Ya’know, take a break from school work,” Chapman said. “Just have fun, hang out with friends.”