OHS encourages students to stay drug free

OHS encourages students to stay drug free

TREND hung up red ribbon banners like this around OHS

“My future is bright no drugs in sight”. This week October 22nd through the 26th students and staff will see a lot of this logo and a few other logos placed on a red ribbon that is pinned to students and teachers clothes. A tradition known as national Red Ribbon week.

Red Ribbon week has been around OHS for 21 years and has reminded students to stay drug free.

According to Mrs. Allen, the TREND sponsor at OHS, Red Ribbon week was originally started because of a man named Ki Ki Camarena. He tried to stop drug trafficking in Mexico by becoming a spy. He was able to help  bust many drugs lords without their knowledge Camarena was killed, but he died a hero. He continues to be remembered for showing such bravery and heroic actions.

Today, nationwide, schools all across the country participate in Red Ribbon week in honor of him. It also aims to “show the nation what he started is still alive”, Allen said.

Throughout this week students at schools across the United States put on a red ribbon with a logo on it. That logo is encouraging students to avoid drugs.

This year TREND has come up with three different logos to put on the ribbons.They decided what to put on each ribbon by having the members look through a catalog and pick out the phrases they like the most. The three that won were, “Show good character by being drug free”, “My future is bright no drugs in sight”, and “Tigers are proud to be bully and drug free”.

Trend is hopeful that the school will be packed with students wearing their red ribbons to honor Camarena and continue his effort to stop the use of drugs.