Meet the tributes

On Friday, April 11th, 26 senior guys will be competing in Oakville’s annual Mr. OHS pageant  taking place in gym A.

This year’s theme for Mr. OHS is The Hunger Games. The three students in charge of organizing the event are Maddie Foster, Tina Haberberger and Dalvin Parker with the help of Mrs. Angelia Moore and Ms. Amy Learn.

The competition begins with clubwear. After this comes everyone’s favorite portion: talent. The guys will be escorted across the stage by a girl who is part of the journalism or leadership program. The final two rounds are each question portions.

The seniors will be judged on each part of the pageant to determine a winner. Mrs. Christy Mathews, Miss. Lynn Schmalz and last year’s winner, Mikey Bellinger, will be judging this year at Mr. OHS. The following seniors will be participating in the 2014 Mr. OHS pageant:

1. Mr. Tiger Cage: Nathan Mischel

2. Mr. Football: Kirby Phillips

3. Mr. Quiz Bowl: Michael Menkhus

4. Mr. Track: Cartier Robinson

5. Mr. Broadcast: Robbie Obradavic

6. Mr. Soccer: Nick Makowski

7. Mr. Basketball: Ervin Sarajilic

8. Mr. Swim: Joe Keller

9. Mr. Drama Troupe: Matthew Fogle

10. Mr. ITS: Alex Pepper

11. Mr. FCA: John Wagener

12. Mr. Tennis: Matt Garavaglia

13. Mr. Japanese Culture Club: Joey Bartman

14. Mr. Ping Pong: Adam Pleimann

15. Mr. German Club: Evan Barthel

16. Mr. Cross Country: Elvir Sarajilic

17. Mr. Accounting Club: Chad Johnson

18: Mr. Hockey Spirit Club: Kyle Hearn

19. Mr. Baseball: Cam Dulle

20. Mr. Water Polo: Adam Roland

21. Mr. Newspaper: Evan Lachnit

22. Mr. Golden Guys: Jack Garavaglia

23. Mr. Drumline: Steven Luetkemeyer

24. Mr. Band: Mikal Mathews

25. Mr. Wrestling: Matt Ream

26. Mr. Leadership: Hayden Trout

May the odds be ever in their favor.