Making a difference one pair of jeans at a time

One of every three homeless person is under the age of 18 and many have nowhere to go and nothing to wear but the clothes on their back.

To make a difference in our community FCCLA (Family, community, and career leaders of America) is sponsoring Teens for Jeans now through Feb. 13. Teens for Jeans is a cause that collects jeans for not just teenagers, but adults as well.

“A lot of people have stacks and stacks of jeans in their closet that they don’t wear,” said FCCLA sponsor Kelly Kellermann, who added that all of those stacks of jeans can be donated to those in need of them. Teens for jeans is a great way to help out the community and get involved it can also show many people in our community that we care and we’re try to help.

“The best thing about Teens for Jeans is that all of the jeans collected are distributed locally to homeless youth centers and they go directly to our community,” said another FCCLA sponsor, Stephanie Duever.

Each pair of jeans that is collected by FCCLA is helping someone in our community and that is why Oakville is doing this. Just one pair of jeans can make a big difference and put a smile on many faces throughout the community.