StuCo drops the beat

Typically once a year the OHS gym is full of music as it hosts the Battle of the Bands, a talent show where musical groups can show their talent. However, this year OHS will not be hosting the production.

Student Council (StuCo) has been hosting Battle of the Bands for four years. However, it has not been as popular these past few years.

“Not too many people talked about it [or] have shown interest in it” said Mrs. Roberts, co sponsor of StuCo with Mr. Steve King.

StuCo had issues with the attendance rate going down and the price of the tickets going up. It was not bringing in a profit as it was intended to do. When StuCo planned their schedule of activities for OHS, Battle of the Bands was not one of their priorities.

If Battle of the Bands does not continue multiple students will be disappointed.

Tom Lasley(11), wanted to do Battle of the Bands his freshman year. Sadly, his  hard metal group broke up and he was not able to participate. Lasley does not want to go for four years of his high school career and miss the opportunity.  “I’m missing out on it…the one thing [I] do best and [I] don’t get to show it to the world.”

King said that if students want to see Battle of the Bands to come back again then they should talk to their student executives for their ANP. If StuCo sees a student demand for the event they will consider bringing it back. Also, StuCo is always looking for new ideas and student suggestions are always welcome.

Coming up, OHS Choir is holding a talent show called “Oakville’s Got Talent” competition. This will be a great avenue for students to show off their skills, since the Battle of the Bands is no longer available.