Peanut Awareness

OHS students may think it is a nutty idea for a high school to go peanut free, however, starting Monday,  April 15, 2014, OHS will do just that.

It may seem to be an impossible task to prohibit peanuts at a public high school. It can’t exactly be enforced, however the administration hopes with some encouragement students will follow the rule.

“It is a request [for students to stop bringing peanuts to school], we are going to encourage other people to think outside of [themselves] and think of others,” OHS RN School Nurse  Pam Frederich said.

Frederich’s goal is for each student to have an equal opportunity to feel safe at OHS.

“I am all about making this building a place for students to [freely] enjoy all of the things that all that [the rest of us] enjoy,”Frederich said.

To help get rid of the risk of an allergy flare at OHS, the vending machines and cafeteria have been cleared out of peanut products, as well as products such as m&ms, which are made in a close proximity to peanuts.

The evacuation of peanuts has only started because of the high degree of the allergy. There are 15 students that have a severe peanut allergy in varying degrees of reactions from a rash to a serious problem that could lead to death.

If a student is having an allergic reaction tell an adult immediately.

“Teachers and principals [have] all been trained [for this situation],” Frederich said.

If a student by mistake brings a peanut product to school dispose of it properly and wash your hands and gargle with water to get rid of the fumes of the peanuts.

We should follow these guidelines to keep our tigers safe. A peanut product is not worth risking a life.