We have spirit. How ‘bout you?

OHS students have shown their wild side this past week,February 20 to 24, by participating in  winter spirit week.  Students participated with themes ranging from  Pajama Day to Jungle Day, and a blast from the past with Generation Day.

In the dead of winter OHS needed some pep to brighten their week. This is where Spirit week came into play.

“(It’s) a nice opportunity to highlight our winter sports,” said Mrs. Becky Czuppon. Czuppon  likes the spirit week because it can be a fun week. “It’s hard to stay serious forever.”

Ebonie Williams (12) loved Generation Day. “I put on the ugliest thing I could find in the closet” said Williams. She admits that she has had a role model in how to act like a senior citizen. “The older people in my life were Grade A material!” she laughed.

Patrick Mckelvey (11) relaxed in his jammies Monday morning. McKelvey liked that “It was very comfortable” and that it “gave [him] an excuse to look like a bum.”

Bernestaine Harkins (9) enjoyed getting to wear her Cookie Monster pajama set. “I was looking forward to that day,” said Harkins.

Robby Obradovic (12) pleased the students and teachers when Generation Day came around that Thursday. Obradovic enjoyed the compliments from students about his elderly demeanor and costume. His favorite part about his costume was getting to walk with a cane and kooky glasses.

Spirit week can be a blast for students and OHS showed their spirit well. Do you have spirit? “Our House” does.