TREND plushes up Valentine’s Day

A common gift on Valentine’s Day is stuffed plush animals, and this year Turning Resources and Energy into New Directions (TREND) is taking advantage of that this year for a Valentine’s themed fundraiser.

TREND will be selling mini-bean bag plush animals with an assortment of animals such as dogs, cats, and pigs. Each animal comes with their own card with a slogan based on their specie. Each Hug-A-Gram will cost three dollars, but there is a deal to buy four for 10 dollars.

Last year, TREND sold ‘Hug-A-Grams,’ which was a card with a teddy bear on the front and a Valentine lollipop that students could write personal messages for their friends or significant others. The Hug-A-Grams were somewhat popular with students, but the biggest complaint was that it was just a piece of paper and candy. Students said they wanted more. TREND took that criticism and evolved, the idea into these plush animals.

TREND started selling Hug-A-Grams Feb. 6 and will continue sales through Feb. 11. Deliveries will be made Feb. 12.

Members and execs are predicting positives outcomes for this year.

“Last year was nice, so hopefully it will go nicely again this year.” said Emma Bennett (12), Corresponding Secretary of TREND.

Profits from this fundraiser will split among their end of the year banquet, their plans for April Awareness Month, while the majority of funds will be put towards the Heffer Project, an international organization that makes donations of food and supplies to third world countries.