OHS nurse awarded for dedication

On Tuesday April 22, Nurse Pam Frederich was selected as a winner of the Peabody Energy Leaders in Education Award.

The Peabody Award is awarded to full-time education professionals who have a commitment to inspiring young people. Along with her award, Frederich received $1000 and is going to be honored at a special recognition dinner this summer. Frederich was one of 33 winners that were pulled from a pool of 430 nominees.

“I was very honored,” Frederich said.

Frederich was nominated by Sara Nahmensan and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She was nominated because of her dedication to students’ health, specifically diabetes. Nahmensan was a student at Oakville Middle School when Frederich worked there 16 years ago. Nahmensan has diabetes and inspired Frederich to start the Diabetic Corner, which is a club that helps students with diabetes.

“I was deeply touched by the fact it was a student,” Frederich commented. She also said that she and Nahmensan are good friends. “She will be coming to the awards dinner with me.”

The way Frederich found out she won the award was tricky; a student came into her office saying that Frederich was needed in the cafeteria. Emergency supplies in hand, Frederich went into the cafeteria and found several students and Principal Jan Kellerman standing in there, with a student on the floor. They congratulated her and told her she won the award.

“It was a bigger deal than I thought.” Frederich said.