Movie night fundraiser shows true character

On April 18, Honors English II classes, National Honor Society (NHS), and Leadership sponsored a movie night at OHS. The movie night served as a movie battle between two box-office hits Frozen and The Avengers.

The movie night was opened to all OHS students and incoming freshman. Tickets were free but students who attended brought monetary donations. Students could also donate money during lunches when they picked up their ticket. The donations were divided in two bins, one bin for Frozen and the other for The Avengers. Students put their money in the bin that represented whichever movie they wanted to watch. The movie that ended up winning was Frozen.

“[The movie night] was very successful,” Donald Rabin (11), NHS member, said. He commented that NHS “donated all the concessions.”

All donations were for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Children International. The Leukemia Lymphoma Society is the world’s largest voluntary health organization that funds blood cancer research. Children International is a non profit organization that focuses on fighting childhood poverty.

The fundraiser made $677 so far, but profits from concession sales will be added to the fund.

“The movie night originated out of a class curriculum align project,” Mrs. Anne Hodges, Honors English II teacher, said. “My classes were engaged with character education through the district curriculum.”

The movie night stemmed from an English II project that included a research paper where students wrote about a charity. Hodges’ students voted on which charity they wanted to help, and there was a tie between LLS and Children International. They used their persuasive writing unit towards making the movie night fundraiser. That involved students writing donation letters, flyers, and even commercial scripts for a commercial Hodges made with her students and showed to the middle school students in order to promote the movie night.

“I’m so proud of my students for caring about the community and making a change in the world.” Hodges said.