Parenting teaches Tiger Tots

The annual Parenting II students have welcomed in this years’ Tiger Tots.

Each year the parenting students have the unique opportunity to run a daycare for young children. The students begin second semester by learning about the development of three to five year olds and what their interests are. They plan lessons that they will teach to the class of tiger tots based off the interests that they have. This is all preparation for the first day back from spring break which is the first day of the Tiger Tots program.

After the first day of Spring Break, the program lasts every week until the end of the year Monday through Thursday. Each day one of the Parenting II students teaches their lesson that they prepared before spring break. Each child in the program gets one or two students, in which teacher Mrs. O’Toole thinks is a great thing.

“Each child gets a long of positive individual attention,” O’Toole said.

The Tiger Tots program is so old that you have some students who were participants in the program now teaching it.