OHS Robotics kicking off a new season

OHS Robotics went to their first meet of the year on Dec. 10.

In robotics, teams of students work together to build a robot that will be able to complete the required tasks. This year, the robots are needed to throw wiffle balls into a certain spot, press a button, and lift a small yoga ball in order to earn points.

There were twelve teams at the meet. Teams compete in two meets total. Their scores from the meets are added together and those with the best scores move on to qualifiers. The top teams in each state have a chance to then compete at regionals.

OHS has two teams: team 9612 and team 9328. 9612 placed fourth overall and 9328 placed twelfth overall.

“What ended up happening was during the whole meet, one wheel would not turn,” said 9328 team captain, Alisa Lazareva (10). “Our conveyor belt also wasn’t strong enough or tight enough.”

9612 did not really have a finished bot. “We got fourth through luck and improvisation-duct tape and cable ties,” said Nick DeLucia (11). “When we needed weight in the front, we almost just taped a motor to it.”

To place better, 9612 will have to complete their robot and 9328 will have to fix the motor and conveyor belt. The next robotics competition is Jan. 7.