Golden Girls Go Gold


Golden Girls

Golden Girls placing in 2A pom and mixed A categories.

The Golden Girls placed among the top teams at their first competition of the season.


The varsity and JV GG teams all competed at the Yvonne Cole Lindbergh Invitational at Lindbergh High School on Dec. 1 against schools from Kansas City, St. Louis, and Illinois.


Varsity placed first in the 2A pom and Mixed A categories. They also earned “Most Memorable Routine” for their dance in the Mixed category.

“It felt so gratifying to win. We have been working extremely hard, so to see our diligence pay off was super exciting,” said varsity golden girl captain Morgan Murphy (12). “It was also great to win at our first competition of the season, as it gives us the motivation to uphold our title.”

Over 100 routines were entered at the competition, and OHS Golden Girls entered 3. The JV Golden Girls placed second in the JV mix category.

“We did well for our first competition,” said Lydia Manning (10) We put in a lot of work and I can’t wait to see how we do at the rest of our competitions.”

The girls will compete at the NDA Battle Spirit Championship Classic in Columbia, MO on Dec. 15 and at the St. Charles Classic on Jan. 26.