Mueller earns spot on Federal Reserve Student Board of Directors

Emma Mueller (12) stands outside the Federal Reserve Bank after her first meeting with the Student Board of Directors.

Emma Mueller

Emma Mueller (12) stands outside the Federal Reserve Bank after her first meeting with the Student Board of Directors.

One OHS student is getting a unique opportunity to gain real world experience for her career.

Emma Mueller (12) is one of 18 students from the St. Louis area chosen to serve on the Federal Reserve Student Board of Directors. Mueller first learned about this opportunity while on a field trip with her AP Microeconomics class to the Federal Reserve Bank last year, and was encouraged to apply by her teacher AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics teacher, Mr. Rodney Gerdes.

“It is an experience to work with professionals and students collaboratively, to better understand themselves, their interests and abilities, and life options in a setting that is very different from traditional school,” said Gerdes.

Each year, the Federal Reserve Bank allows teachers to nominate one junior to be a member of the Board of Directors. Gerdes thought that Mueller would be able to excel in the field of economics, and informed her about this experience.

“Emma was one of the juniors in my AP Macroeconomics/AP Microeconomics classes last year where she exhibited a rare gift for applying her learning in advanced math to the analysis of the economy,” said Gerdes. “Over the many years that I have taught this course very few students demonstrate this level of ability”

To be considered for the position, Mueller filled out an online application highlighting activities and leadership experience. She also was required to respond to an essay prompt and submit two letters of recommendation. High school seniors from all across the greater St. Louis applied, and Mueller was selected to represent Oakville.

“I applied because it sounded like a unique experience,” said Mueller.

As a member on the Board, Mueller is required to attend monthly meetings at the federal reserve bank and complete outside assignments. She and the other 17 students will gain knowledge about the importance of the Federal Reserve and its role in the US economy.

“I hope to learn about careers and make connections at the bank,” said Mueller. “There is a possibility of getting an internship at the end of the year, which would be an amazing experience.”