The Beginning of the 50 Year Celebration


Gracie Smith

Ron Baechle OHS (class of 1977) also known as the Blues Towel Man getting ready to throw towels to the students in the back-toschool assembly

This 2019-2020 school year is especially important for the students and faculty. OHS is celebrating its 50th year as a high school, and the school is celebrating loud and proud. 

When students walked into school on Aug. 13, they were welcomed by cheerleaders and Golden Girls at the door.  However, that’s not where the celebration stopped.

The celebration continued in ANP. Students were instructed to answer 15 questions about the history of OHS. Their answers would be used in a game later to see which ANP knew the most about the history of OHS.

Lindsey Marshall (10) said, “I really liked how interactive it could be. Everyone could help and add their ideas.”

After the ANP activity, students piled into Gym A for the annual back-to-school assembly. New principal Tamara Sunkett gave an introduction to the school year. She took advantage of this time to urge students to identify their “Why.” 

“My reason for having students reflect on their ‘Why’ was about defining their purpose,” she explained. “Most of us go through our days knowing ‘what’ we are doing,  or ‘what’ we want to do. Having a reason, a purpose, a ‘why’ makes the ‘what’ you do more purposeful and impactful.”

Next, former OHS student Ron Baechle (Class of ‘77) better known as The St. Louis Blues Towel Man, came out next and helped the students get excited for the upcoming year by throwing OHS rally towels. JoJo LaBrier (11) was his assistant, handing him towels and even throwing the last one into the crowd.

“I was a little nervous about getting in front of the school.” LaBrier commented, “But considering how big of a Blues fan I am, I quickly got over it because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

When asked how he came to throw towels at the games, Baechle had a lot to say.

“It brings a lot of smiles. I’ve always said as long as I’m having fun doing it, I’ll keep doing it,” said Baechle. “Thirty years later I’m still finding a way to have fun with it.” 

Baechle also had a comment on the theme of Sunkett’s speech: “My Why.”

“Your purpose may last 5 seconds, it may last 50 years. But find your passion and follow it,” said Baechle.

With 50 years of history, OHS has a lot to celebrate — and the party’s just getting started.