Potty Talk

The bathrooms at OHS are not in the best condition. The inside of the stalls themselves are disgusting. People do not clean up after themselves in there.

Some of the stall’s locks do not close properly. There is almost always a sink running, and paper towels are either stuffed into the drain, or there aren’t any paper towels available! Then the students are forced to wipe their hands on their pants, or just let them air dry. Some of the bathrooms have hand dryers, but not all of them work very well.

Many problems in the bathroom could be solved if OHS students took care of them, and didn’t treat them like they’re a dumpster. There’s no denying that most of the bathrooms need a remodel, but is there a point in remodeling them if the students will continue to trash them?

OHS needs to have a serious bathroom makeover, both in the actual bathrooms themselves, but also how students treat them.