Cellphones: The dark reality

In the past few weeks I’ve been hearing and have experienced problems dealing with cell phones. As I sit here and write this I can’t help but wonder if the good really does outweigh the bad?

Cell Phones haven’t been around that long yet our generation couldn’t possibly live without them. We are on our phones all day everyday whether it’s calling or texting people, checking emails or social media, or playing games, etc. Sure phones make communication easier, but is this form of communication just as valuable as face to face communication? I don’t think so.

People are able to hide behind their cell phones. If someone has a problem with someone, they’re now able to address the problem through a text instead of face to face. Interviews are now being done on the phone instead of in person. Dating will never be the same with the use of cell phones. Guys no longer have to ask  girls out on dates in person, they get their number and ask if they want to “hang out”. Breakups are hardly done in person anymore. It’s so much easier to send a text than to have to “deal with them in person”. So many things that should be done face to face are now being done behind a cell phone.

There are obviously a lot of good things that came out of cell phones. You’re able to contact people much easier. You no longer have to carry around calendars,laptops, notebooks, etc. everywhere anymore. A lot of things people need to do on a day-to-day basis can be completed through a cell phone. I can only imagine how many lives cell phones have saved, but I can also only imagine how many live have been lost to them.

Thousands of lives have been lost cell phones and it breaks my heart to know that people are dying over stupid text messages and phone calls. We’ve all done it, but it really isn’t worth the risk. Hopefully soon technology will come out with something that allows people to still send a text, but focus on the road.

I love my cell phone, and I’d be lost without it, but I wish it wasn’t like that. Our generation is losing the importance of face to face contact and situations, and it shouldn’t be like that. Unfortunately I think it will only get worse as technology becomes more advanced, and that’s very saddening.