Summer treats down the street

Recently an Orange Leaf opened in the Dierbergs plaza on telegraph! This is the only frozen yogurt place in Oakville. Before this location opened the closest one was in Arnold, and there is a FroYo off Lindbergh by Ronnie’s Movie Theater.

People are very excited about this opening! “I’m just pumped because now I don’t need to leave Oakville to get frozen yogurt. This new location is prime”, said Elvir Sarajilic(12).

Also there is a mystery sno cone stand in Garvey’s parking lot. It hasn’t opened yet, but people are very anxious to see what it has to offer! This stand is the only sno cone stand in Oakville. There used to be a Sno Biz in Coppergate Square, but it did not return last summer. The most popular sno cone place is Sno Biz on Telegraph across from First Bank. The problem with that stand is that it’s across 255’s overpass in Mehlville, which can be quite a drive for some people.

Hopefully these new locations allow people to enjoy their summer treats without having to leave Oakville!