The Never Ending Winter Break

Mehlville School District made the right choice in canceling school Jan. 6-9.

Most winter breaks usually end around Jan. 3, which lucky for us, happened to fall on a Friday this year. This meant our break was extended until the following Monday. Little did we know that our break would end up being extended even more, to January 9th!
A huge snowstorm hit the Saint Louis area in the early hours of Jan. 5, the last day of winter break. Some areas received up to a foot of snow. The snow was not the only problem for St. Louis schools, temperatures were reaching a record low, dropping belowj zero with wind chills in the -20s. With this sever winter storm it was obvious that school was not going to be in session Monday or Tuesday. However, whether or not school would be in session Wednesday was debatable. Most schools in the area ended up being called off due to concern of the condition of the roads. It was announced Wednesday night that school would be back in session on Thursday, but we received more snow that night and school was called off in the morning.
However, many people believed that the snow day Thursday was unnecessary. As strange as it may seem, many students were actually disapointed at the announcemenet of another snow day.
Personally, I believe that these snow days were all necessary. I would much rather be safe than sorry. The Mehlville School District only calls snow days if they have to. It seems like most times we are one of the last schools to be called off. If someone were to get in a car accident on their way to school that would reflect poorly on the district for having school when the roads were not in driving condition. Also, some students live along back roads which the plows take more time to reach.
I understand that having these four snow days pushes the last day of school back to May 29, which is after Memorial Day weekend, and I agree that it isn’t the most ideal situation. But I would rather go to school a couple more days than have someone get seriously injured or killed in a car accident.
Once again it was announced that school was set to be back in session the following day. This time it proved true and Friday morning students drudgingly made their way back to school. There was some controversy surrounding whether or not we should have school that day. Many believed it was pointless to go back for one day. However, as the roads were all drivable and the snow was beginning to melt, there was no reason to cancel school again.
I think Superintendent Dr. Knost made the right decisions with calling off school those four days. It could have saved someone’s life. Plus who doesn’t love a few extra days off?! Especially when it means an extra long winter break!