Tigers Roar at Lindenwood Cheer Camp


Oakville Cheer completed their annual camp last week at Lindenwood University and earned a bid to go to NCA Nationals.

The four-day camp, sponsored by the National Cheer Association (NCA), gave the Tigers a chance to perfect their cheer, chant, stunt, and dance skills before fall sports begin. However, cheer camp was more than just training.

“It gives us a chance to form a team bond,” Coach Marissa Burkemper explained. Pairs of cheerleaders roomed together at the Lindenwood dorms for the duration of the camp

The NCA also held tryouts for All-American NCA cheerleaders. The cheerleaders were judged and had to get a composite score of a 23 based on all of their abilities. Varsity cheerleaders Rachel Hensel (12) and Carolyn Ream (10) were one of the few from the camp who accomplished the feat.

“It feels unreal because I’m just a sophomore,” Ream said.

Beyond the individual awards, the Tigers captured the Spirit Stick and the Champions Chant awards. More importantly,  the OHS cheerleaders helped benefit the “Team Up for St. Jude” movement sponsored by the camp hosts NCA. The movement is attempting to spread awareness and raise money for pediatric cancer by sending letters to family and friends. OHS cheer was the only full group to send out 5 letters per camper to help benefit St. Jude.

While being away from their families, the OHS cheerleaders spent the week with their second family with 23 cheerleaders in attendance.

“We love camp,” Hensel said.