AP Calculus celebrates fundamental theorem of Calculus

AP Calculus celebrates fundamental theorem of Calculus

Recently, Mrs. Tammy Popp’s AP Calculus classes have been studying more than intervals and derivatives. They also celebrated the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, complete with a wedding demonstrating the union Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus.

For the past six years Mrs. Popp has been doing this with her AP Calculus students to bring a sense of fun to what could be perceived as a boring subject and theorem.

“I think anytime you personalize a class or bring in class activities that make the lesson more relevant to students, the entire class benefits,” Mrs. Popp said.

The first semester of Mrs. Popp’s class was devoted to the study of derivatives, which are the slopes of tangent lines to curves. Second semester began with the study of integrals, the areas between curves and the x-axis. Just like subtraction and addition are inverse, or opposite, operations of each other, differentiation and integration are inverse operations as well. By celebrating this idea, Mrs. Popp hopes the students will better remember her lesson and this extremely important theorem.

Of the students participating in the party, four took the trip down the aisle demonstrating this union of operations. These students were Nico Eftimoff (12), Kyler Dill (12), Kirt Daniels (12), and Ashley Webelhuth (12).

“Well, I got married,” Webelhuth said jokingly. “It’s not everyday that people get married in Calculus class, that’s for sure. I definitely wont’ be forgetting the concepts anytime soon!”