Brand new student advisory board is created at OHS

Brand new student advisory board is created at OHS

Mrs. Kellerman talks to the ANP representatives.

A new student advisory program is sweeping across OHS. Similar to the OHS faculty board, the student group will be made up by a group of students who are chosen by their Academic Networking Period (ANP) teachers. These students will meet once a month to address issues, concerns, or comments about OHS students. The Student Advisory Board will also discuss things that they like or dislike about OHS.

“Every ANP teacher, excluding freshman and TIER ANPs, chose a student from their ANP to be a representative for their class’s,” science teacher Patrick Schrappen said. “These students will attend meetings once a month to address any problems or issues their ANP class may have.”

Freshman and TIER ANPs will be participating next semester so that teachers and administrators can get a “better mode of understanding their ANP students” before they make any decisions on who should be representing their class according to Mrs. Jan Kellerman, OHS building principal.

Kellerman chose to start the board this year because she wanted to get to know the reaction of the different things that happen at OHS that affect the lives of students. She wants to be able to get a feel of what most students think and how they feel about OHS, not just the students that are in leadership clubs.

“This is just a way of communicating, discussing, and a way to give a better voice to the student body,” Kellerman explained.

The first meeting will be hosted on Sept. 14, during ANP.