Business Department does real world project

Business Department does real world project

Marketing classes put up flyers to advertise to potential customers

Marketing classes will be learning how to run a business first hand this week. The classes will be putting on a Lemonade Sell Off in the commons during 5th block on Friday, Dec. 7. COE and Marketing teachers Ms. Amy Clark and Mrs. Mary Menderski are the brains behind this real life activity.

“This activity is to take what our students have learned from the whole semester and apply it to a real life situation,” Clark said. “Whenever you can show something in a practical way, it is easier to learn.”

Students participating have been planning for the big day for the past two weeks. This included the groups coming up with a business name, products, advertising, and supplies. All proceeds from the activity will go to the business department.

“I am excited to see how it really is to run a business,” Taylor Conran (12) said. “Ms. Clark has definitely made us look at every aspect of it. It is a great learning experience in a fun way.”

Classes in the business department as well as some spanish classes will be able to pick from many groups selling lemonade at their own individual stand. The winner from the Lemonade Sell Off will be determined by how much of a profit they make, the quality of their product, and how well they present their product.

Students are looking forward to the activity and hope all goes well. There is much competition through many of the groups and many are hoping to come out on top.

“All I can say,” Dominic Bonsignore (12) said, “Lemonheads are going all the way!”