Getting creative in OHS math classes

Getting creative in OHS math classes

Recently at OHS student’s have been getting more hands on in math classes. Teachers have started a new plan to involve students in their work so that they grasp the concept a little bit better. They are calling it the Kagan Strategies. Mrs. Ronda Brown has been working with these new hands-on activities in all of her math classes.

“We really want students to understand and discover that mathematics is pretty amazing,” Brown said. “We have seen students perform better and be more relaxed about trying new things in our classes now because of some of these strategies.”

These activities are to improve students attention span, knowledge of the subject, and time management. Students seem to enjoy hands on activities rather than being taught one way for an entire class period.

“It is fun to watch them actually engage in the activity and learn problem-solving. They have been able to accomplish so much more than in past years,” Brown said.

Kagan Strategies is helping improve test scores, homework, and the overall enjoyment of the class. It is starting to win over the students in these different math classes.