Pro-Start caters for representatives

Pro-Start caters for representatives

Jake Auble (11) cuts up apples in order to prepare for Jan 31 when they cater to state representatives.

The Prostart class will be catering for a group of state representatives on Jan. 31. Mrs. Amy Meschke, Mrs. Stephanie Duever, and the students will spend all of Thursday planning for the event later that night.

“It will provide an experience on what real-life catering is like. The students will be there from the beginning to end, from planning to serving to cleaning,” Duever said.

In order to prepare for the big night, the students have been running through practice rounds to work out any kinks and see how they would react and deal with each one of them. The students also have been thinking about what they want to serve, what each person needs to do, and what materials are needed for it.

“It is a fabulous opportunity for us. The students in the class want to go into the field, so it gets to show them the experience,” Meschke said.