Students prepare to submit artwork to Artist Guild

Students prepare to submit artwork to Artist Guild

Molly Duggan (12) submits her work to the Artists’ Guild.

The AP Studio Art class is learning how to submit their work to a real art gallery, known as the St. Louis Artists’ Guild and Galleries. It is a nationally recognized regional arts center known for community exhibitions, programs, and educational projects.

On Feb. 15, Mr. Brian Crawford will submit 10 works of art from the AP Studio Art class to the Young Artists’ Showcase 2013.

“They look at all different kinds of artwork and pick the best,” Crawford said.

Molly Duggan (12) is a student in Crawford’s AP Studio Art class. She is excited about submitting her work to a professional art galleria.

“It’s cool because even if we don’t win, we still have our pictures framed to show in our homes,” Duggan said.

Another student in Crawford’s class, Taylor Schellenberg (12), also is excited about the opportunity.

“I worked for 12 hours on my work so hopefully I get recognized,” Schellenberg said.

According to Crawford, it is really difficult to win the Artist Guild. Any student ages 15-19 in the St. Louis area can submit their work.

“It’s not about winning the contest,” Crawford said, “It shows that its worthwhile to show off their [the students] work.”

The competition begins on April 4, at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild.