Students learn despite combined French classes

Students learn despite combined French classes

French IV students Lucy Right (12), Courtney Grigg (12) and Natalie Fiesta (12) compile a timeline outside the French room during class while Ms. Keri Wilson works with the French III students inside.

The upper level French classes, French III and French IV, undergo a unique classroom experience every B day. Unlike other classes, these two occur in the same classroom at the same time every eighth block period.

Last year, five current seniors (who were then juniors) signed up for French IV not knowing if they were signing up for a combined class or a separate class. However, on the first day of school, they learned that they would be sharing a teacher and a room with over twenty French III students.

“I find a mixed class more difficult, but I like the literature aspect of the class,” Natalie Fiesta, one of the students in French IV this year, said.

Although it’s not easy for French teacher Ms. Keri Wilson to manage both classes simultaneously, she manages to juggle two different curriculums.
Recently, French IV students have been reading short stories and presenting them to their peers and creating timelines to reflect on the history that is a part of their curriculum. French III students have been learning about grammar and recently did a unit about fairytales.

As for next year, interested French III students have already started signing up for French IV in hopes that they will have enough generated interest to have a French IV class to themselves.

“I like the French language and culture, and I do want to learn it,” Emma Sona (10), a member of this year’s combined French III class, said. “This year it’s been hard to learn because of the combined class, but I think I could actually improve in the language next year if the class is separate.” One of the claymations that the French IV class made to present a short story to their peers.