Artist Guild gets students picked

Artist Guild gets students picked

Taylor Schellenberg (12) was submitted to the Artist Guild with this piece.

The Artist Guild has selected winners for the Young Artists’ Showcase 2013. A total of __ were selected, and twelve were from OHS. Nine Advanced Placement Studio Art students submitted work and all nine were picked.

“Twelve is a really strong number considering the competition,”  Photography teacher Mrs. Joan Larsen said.

Three students were picked from Larson’s classes, Jacob Athanas (11), Kara Sutton (12), and Mikaella Villar (11). Nine students were picked from Mr. Brian Crawford’s classes: Alyssa Quinonez (12), Caitlin Kennedy (12), Danielle Deeken (12), Molly Duggan (12), Taylor Schellenberg (12), Katie Dieckhaus (11), Sarah Stretch (12), Ross Mohesky (10) and Amanda Kunst (12).

“It’s cool.” Duggan said, “I did not win last year, so I’m excited to be picked this year.”

According to Larsen, the success will help boost the art programs here at OHS. Before reaching the AP classes, the students went through most of the art courses first.

“It speaks highly of our AP classes.” Larsen said, “We hold our students to a high standard.”