Classrooms get technology upgrade

Classrooms get technology upgrade

Mr. Souris teaches Lexi Klable (12) how to use Google Chrome.

Technology has begun to shape the way learning will be in the future. Many teachers have begun to use new things in helping students be able to interact with each other as well as the teacher in learning.

One thing that math teacher Mr. John Souris is now using is google docs and a class website. He is using these two things as tools to help him teach new material and have students be able to communicate with him and their fellow classmates quite easily.

“This will really make learning a lot easier,” said student Nick Kenny (11).

Students are able to get their online textbook, notes, helpful youtube videos, and find their homework all in one place. This is very helpful for students who forget things or just need extra help outside of the classroom.

Google docs will allow Mr. Souris to share other additional notes after class and have students comment on them if they have questions. They can also share notes with their classmates if someone was to miss class for some reason.

“I am really excited to get to use this new technology to learn,” Kenny said.