Fans go Berzerk over Eminems’ new album



Lucas Bennett

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released on Nov. 5.

This is Eminems’ 8th studio album, and the first released since Recovery in 2010. 4 singles were released prior to the album release including: Berzerk, Survival ft. Liz Rodrigues, Rap God, and The Monster ft. Rihanna.

The album was produced by Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records, and Interscope Records with Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin being the Executive Producers.

Many of the songs on MMLP2 have a similar sound as songs on The Marshall Mathers LP released in 2000. He also features a new sound on a few of the songs as well as his old style. MMLP2 features 16 songs and the Deluxe Edition contains a bonus CD with 5 additional songs.

Eminem also features several artists on MMLP2. Some of these artists include Liz Rodrigues, Rihanna, Skylar Grey, Kendrick Lamar, and Fun. frontman Nate Ruess.

There has been a lot of hype about this album since it was announced back in Feb. 2013. His 4 singles that were released also did a good job of giving a taste of what the album was going to be like.

I believe this is Eminem’s best album overall since Encore was released in Nov. 2004. However, I still prefer his old style, which this album is reminiscent of.

It’s hard to chose a favorite song from the album, but if I had to I would probably pick Rap God.

Eminem fans will not be disappointed with this album.