Foods classes bring the heat to chili cook-off


Several judges try out students’ creations.

OHS Foods III classes brought the heat to the annual chili cook off.

On March 3, the students in Foods III classes were told to bring in a chili recipe and change some of the ingredients. From there, the students were put into groups and each group picked the ingredients that they wanted to include in their new chili recipe and started testing them out.

Food student Hannah Braden (12) said, “As we went, we tasted it and added things that made it taste better.”

Each group was instructed to choose two teachers to invite to the event for judging the chili and choosing the best recipe. Some of the judges included Mrs. Kellerman, Ms. Beck, Mrs. Vagner, and Mrs. Matoushek.

The winning group of Emma Smith (10), Maddie Talley (10), Selma Sopovic (12), and Maxwell Vogel (11) will have their names engraved on the “OHS Chili Cook-Off Winners” plaque that has been around for years.