Engineering students present their inventions


OHS and MHS engineering design students presented their inventions they have been working on since the beginning of August in the OHS library on May 16. Four students from OHS presented their products to the class in teams of two.

“They have been working on this all year long,” Engineering Design teacher Dr. Richard Kling said. “The first part is choosing the product. They had to find a product with a problem in the world that needed to be solved or problems, and choose the best one and solve it by inventing a new product.”

Max Buckel (12) and Logan Vanmier (12) created a remote control that is powered by shaking the remote. Their thought process was that their consumers would not have to buy additional batteries. Jordan Korte (11) and Adam Krueger (11) constructed a pencil, highlighter, and pen all combined together to make it quicker for people to access one.

“I was very pleased with all of their presentations,” Dr. Kling said. “Students have a difficult time standing in front of a crowd, because their voices usually get really soft. Whereas in the cafeteria or classroom, you can hear them two doors down. The volume, presentation, preparation all went very well.”

The four students were proud and felt accomplished about their final product. They thought their dedication and hard work was all worth it.

“So many kids light up when they are given the chance to work with their hands,” Dr. Kling added. “I mean, this product is their baby and they invented and took from nothing into something. It was very pleasing to see.”