Yearbook ties the knot


Taking a group selfie with a big smile on her face, Rachel Delgado (12) shows off her new wedding ring with the rest of the yearbook staff.

Students in first block yearbook class made their dedication to yearbook official in their traditional class wedding on Sept. 25.

The staffers stood in a circle and took turns wrapping their ring fingers with a bundle of rainbow yarn while the Bruno Mars’s song, “Marry You”, played in the background. Once everyone had wrapped their finger, Yearbook advisor Mr. Jeff Kuchno then stood in the middle of the circle and recited the “yearbook vows.” The vows included using their privileges correctly and promising to fulfil their required out of class hours. Once everyone said their “I do’s”, the staff celebrated with Hawaiian Punch and Rice Crispy Treats.

“It’s the yearbook staff’s first real opportunity to feel connected to one another and really understand how important their role on the staff is,” editor in chief Rachel Delgado (12) said.

The wedding allowed the staff to take a break from yearbook training and provided an opportunity to bond. It also emphasized that like an actual marriage, yearbook is a full time commitment.

“Getting married in yearbook was a really fun experience that I can share with my fellow classmates,” yearbook staffer Brandon Eckstein (11) said.