Art classes display projects in library


Mckenzie Knapp

Ceramics I lantern projects display in the library on Dec. 13.

OHS art teacher Ms. Alexandra Heyl is happy when the entire school can see her students’ work.

That is why her ceramics and 3D art students’ projects have been displayed in the library.

“I wanted to display the art in the library so that students could see what we do in the Art
Department,” Ms. Heyl said. “I also thought that the library is where most students go and it would be good to display them there.”

The students whose art was being displayed were happy or embarrassed to have had their art shown for the whole school to see.

“I like showing off my work for people to see,” said Calyx Mcclenaghan (10). “I made a pinch pot, a slab face, and a lantern, and they all were displayed in the library.”

Many students and teachers are glad to see the art, not just on the walls of the school, but in a place that many students and staff go.

More art will be displayed next semester, Heyl said.