OHS weight room ready for renovations


Photo Courtesy from Davin Smith

The outdated OHS weight room.

After 18 years, the OHS weight room is in the planning stage of a huge update. The room has been in the school for about two decades and the equipment is even older.

The plan is to fundraise about $30,000 and pay Show Me Weight to provide new equipment to the weight room, which will also help create space for the activities that take place in the room.

“The update is needed,”said head football coach Arlee Conners“ we have classes in there, this will improve the classes and the sports programs that use the weight room,” .

So far the fundraiser has raised over $4,670 with donations from the PE department, football, wrestling, swim, baseball, and softball teams, and other donors. To get closer to the goal, a donor would either give money to the athletic office or go to the link at the bottom of the page and donate there.