Girls make a Dent in Woods Class

The eighth block Woods 1 class experienced a nice change this semester with the enrollment of six girls in the class for the first time ever, five of which are seniors.

Jessica Herbert (12), Mackenzie Williams (12), Alexandra Johnson (12), Ebony Williams (12), Caitlin Knipp (12), and Kaitlin Husser (9) say that so far they have enjoyed the class. Woods teacher Mr. Matt Schraut is surprised and excited about the amount of girls and their enthusiasm with the class.

“They can be chatty, but they really do help the other kids get organized,” said Schraut. “It’s nice because they’re more mature.”

Right now the class is working on making small tables, and Schraut has noticed the girls’ attention to detail.

“The girls take more time in their fine finishing skills,” he said. “It’s nice because sometimes the boys want to rush through.”

To Schraut, the girls can serve as an example to the rest of the class, and they love the atmosphere he provides.

“It’s more entertaining than any other class,” said Johnson.

“We get to play with tools that we’ve never even heard of,” said Ebony Williams. “What other class gets to do that?”