Breaking Dawn part one sucks viewers in

Breaking Dawn Part 1 made it’s debut on the big screen last Thursday at midnight, grossing $30 million dollars in just one night.Twilighters all over the world are rushing into theaters for the fourth installment of the fairy-tale infused love story.

From the ever anticipated “I do’s” between vampire Edward and clumsy human Bella, to the intense labor scene that pushes PG-13 to its limit, movie goers will be glued to their seats.

Director Bill Condon takes the movie to a whole new level with his camera angles, intense action shots and many more thrilling scenes.

Everyone’s favorite werewolf, Jacob, receives a more in depth role in this installment. Those who came to love him via book will be happy to know Jacob’s point of view section from the novel is dutifully included, as well as an edge-of-your-seat CGI werewolf encounter between Jacob and his pack leader Sam.

And of course Mr. And Mrs. Edward Cullen make their appearances as newlyweds and soon-to-be parents. Those rooting for team Edward will melt at their fiery romance in this movie.

I do warn those going to see the movie not to miss sinking their teeth into the extra part two teaser at the end of the credits.

As a Twilight fan for many years, I am overall impressed with this movie, and give this movie four out of five stars, and cannot wait to see the next instalment.