Babel drops and so does my expectations

On Sept. 24 the hit indie-rock band, “Mumford and Sons”, dropped their second album Babel.

As a huge fan of this band, after being blown away by their album Sigh No More, I was excited to hear new songs from them.  So, immediately after it dropped I ordered it from ITunes and began listening.  As the first beat of the hit single “Babel” came through my headphones, I began to intensively listen.  I was growing nervous because this song had  familiar feel to it.  But it was not just the first song, it was all of them.  I could not shake this feeling that this album sounded too closely familiar to Sigh No More.  After going through the album twice, I was certain.

However, there was one song that completely blew me away.  “Hopeless Wanderer” is a song that truly tells a story through the music and lyrics.  There is a new way the band presents this song.  Instead of their normal upbeat start-offs, they came off very slow, and for a while the listener could think it is a slow song.  But halfway through the song, the band lets loose and presents different instruments and new sounding chords.

There are the weaker spots in the album including the song “Lovers of the Light,” which is a bit too slow for my my taste. However, in comparison to other efforts by other bands, this song is still good.

Overall, like any other second album, I was pleased that Mumford And Sons are continuing to write music, but displeased with the new sound.  I give this album 7 stars.