Sinister: A review to die for

For all of those Horror movie junkies who have been anticipating the premiere of the new horror film Sinister,  your wait is over!

The movie sinister is set around a family whose father,Ellison Oswalt, is a true- crime author who writes books on murders and crimes. Oswalt became a well known author with the publication of his first book “Kentucky Blood”, which giving information on a crime that cops overlooked while investigating. The information helped put a man in jail that may have been the wrong man.

Now, in 2012 Oswalt is trying to get another 15 minutes of fame. He begins writing about a murder that involves a family that had been hung in a tree of their own back yard. However what attracts Oswalt so immensely to the murder is that one of the daughters was missing.

To study the murder as closely as possible, Oswalt moves his wife, son, and daughter to Kentucky in the very home that the family was killed in. This is a secret that Oswalt has kept hidden from his family, until things began to get paranormal.

As the family begins to move their things into the home, the chief of the police department gives unfriendly advice to leave and never look back. Oswalt, however, being used to it, brushes it off and begins to finish unpacking. While taking boxes up to the attack, he comes across a book containing a projector and some “home videos”.

Interested in the videos, Oswalt sets up the projector in his private office that always remains locked and begins to watch. What he finds is something horrifyingly demonic. The videos show of an unknown person stalking the family who lived in the house before them, ending with the footage of the family, minus one, being hung in the tree in the back yard. That was not the only thing uncovered there were several other videos of several more families being murdered. All of the families missing a child.

Oswalt not only uncovers a chain of serial murders, but also begins to learn that there is something literally demonic. The murders are done by the influence of a Pagonist demon who feeds on the souls of children. Now Oswalt has to get his family out of the home and away from the trouble coming for them.

Sinister, directed by Scott Derikson, is a well thought out and directed movie. It has not only a great plot line, but the close up shots and suspense are uncanny. The music track is extremely repetitive. However, it gives it an eerie feeling while watching. Sinister will keep your heart pounding and your body on the edge of the seat the entire movie.