Students quilt their way through OHS past


Megan Mora

Rebecca Haegele (12) and Jessica Leeker (11) work on the t-shirt quilt.

T-shirts have changed throughout the years, and OHS will show how they have changed thanks to Sewing III students Rebecca Haegele and Jessica Leeker.

The Sewing III class has begun making a quilt out of old OHS t-shirts.

“I thinks its a-lot of fun. I love the creativity of it because it’s a way to connect to the school,” said Haegele.

Activities Director Becky Czuppon came up with the idea through Joane Young, a former secretary at OHS whose husband brought in old t-shirts.

“I saw Kirkwood have a quilt of every sport so I thought it would be cool to have a quilt made of t-shirts,” said Czuppon. She informed the staff to bring in their old t-shirts so the quilt could be created.

Sewing teacher Mrs. Elizabeth O’Toole thought the idea was fun.

“It’s nice to see how OHS t-shirts have evolved over the years,” said O’Toole.