A Hairy November

Teachers Find Out The Results of No Shave November


National Honor Society club came up with a great way to start off November.

NHS sponsored a fundraiser, called No Shave November, where staff and teachers could participate in growing out their facial hair for the month of November. 13 teachers and staff participated in the event.

The goal was to raise money for prostate cancer. The fundraiser turned out successful in raising $169.72, almost $200 for a great cause.

“It was very successful, the teachers who participated had fun,” said John Ries, the sponsor for NHS and OHS Social Studies Teacher.

The students had fun to because they could vote on what style teachers would be shaved by donating money to their collection. The unique styles included handlebars, soul patch, mutton chops, and other creative styles.

“Students loved it because they loved seeing teachers with a different facial hairstyle,” said Ms. Abby Gibbar, a sponsor for NHS and an Art Teacher.