Giles places in districts as tennis finishes season


Fiona Darnell

Kate Giles (11), the top OHS tennis player, has gone to districts the past two years.

OHS sent six varsity tennis players to districts this year: Kate Giles (11), Bailey Foster (11), Catherine Easter (11), Rachel Kendrick (11), Katie Pike (11), and Breanna Colombo (11).

Giles, the number one seed for OHS, moved forward in districts with a 6-2 win in her first match. She went to the semifinals and took fourth place overall in districts. Giles has played on varsity all three years and won districts last year. She is already looking forward to her next season as an OHS tennis player.

“I placed in a harder bracket, so it was harder to win,” Giles said. “I will do better next year.”

Head coach Mr. Bill Ebert was proud of all the girls and Giles’s placement, acknowledging that this was a competitive year for districts.

“Overall, districts went good,” Ebert said. “Good showing in tough districts around.”