Homecoming Doesn’t “Clown Around” This Year

This year, OHS’s Homecoming theme is “Under the Big Top”. It is a circus themed dance that will make everyone feel like they are actually at the circus. Decorations will be used to beautify the commons from the different circus themed floats that will be featured in the parade.

“We are going to go all out on decorations,” Donald Rabin (12) said. “We want to make everything bigger.”

The bigger the better when the Circus is in town, but it takes a whole team to make the circus happen. “We have new class Presidents and Vice Presidents that are super organized and know what needs to be done to make Homecoming even better than before,” Ms. Kelli Roberts, a teacher at OHS, said. Leaders are considering including a photo booth as well as letting the Homecoming court be on the stage instead of the front of it.

“There was 3 different themes in mind: safari, space jam, and under the big top,” Maura Maltagliati (12) said. “We did a twitter poll and whoever got the most favorites won.”

In the poll, “Safari” got 60 favorites, “Space Jam” got 17 favorites, and the the winner, “Under the Big Top”, captured 91 favorites.