Shaun Lamar steps up for speech and debate

Speech and Debate is a major club at OHS. It has been lead by Mr. Taylor for fifteen years now. Every year, Taylor has key returning debaters, usually seniors. However, with no varsity seniors this year, junior Shaun Lamar has stepped up.

Shaun has been a member of speech and debate for three years. At the tournament on Saturday, Oct. 3, Shaun debated for between four and five hours, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. He debated over fifteen pieces of legislation and earned the title of “permanent presiding officer” by votes from 97 students from the 13 schools at the tournament.

“Speech and debate is challenging, and it shows a lot of parents that teenagers aren’t all crazy…” Shaun laughed.

Shaun placed seventh in the state for poetry last year. And he was first alternative to nationals in Congress.

“I’m always nervous; you learn to cope with that,” Shaun says.

Speech and debate’s next tournament begins Oct. 23.