Seniors participate in scavenger hunt

Senior bonding is a tradition for many schools in the area. On Oct. 30, the seniors at OHS got a chance to go on a scavenger hunt while bonding as a class.

The seniors split into groups with team names for each group. The groups included the Ninjas, the Breakfast Club, the Hippocrips, the Waffles, and the Uhmms.

“Our team name was the Breakfast Club because my friend group goes to breakfast before school every other Thursday,” team member Sara Johnson said.

Once everyone had their groups formed, they were sent on a hunt. Assistant principal Mr. Bullington had the students do things like make commercials for local businesses such as State Farm and Oakville Dentistry, pay for someone’s meal behind them at a drive thru, carve a lemon, sing a song to a smoothie king worker, have an old lady hit one of them with a purse, and many more random things. The students were to videotape their team doing these things and bring the videos back to Bullington to earn points.

“All in all it was super fun and it was really cool how much time and heart Bullington put into it. It was a great way to bond as a class!” said Ninja team member Amy Kaznica.

The Ninjas ended up winning the scavenger hunt by racking up the most points for completing tasks as a team.